Good Gout

La Bergerie, partnership with Good Gout

 Dec 13, 2018

A challenge lies at the origins of the Good Goût story: making baby food tasty again! Whilst jars of baby food are certainly practical, they could rarely be described as delicious, so Mikaël Aubertin, father of four, decided to create Good Goût! Original recipes created by a Michelin-star Chef, 100% organic, and most importantly, 100% good! With recyclable packaging thanks to the TerraCycle programme.


Good Goût is all about tasty little dishes created by Chef specially for babies from 4 months, 100% organic and just as good as home-made.  With just one fruit or vegetable showcased in each dish, so that our food lovers in the making can enjoy the real taste of food. Baby milk, small meals, fruit pouches, cereal, biscuits... Everything you need to stimulate your baby’s taste buds!


Discover Good Goût Kids, ultra-tasty recipes created for children over 3.  Still 100% organic, much less sweet, no strange added ingredients and created to reflect children’s needs! Cereals for breakfast, biscuits, snack bars and fruit pouches for snack-time. Recipes where everything is good!